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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Say yes three times, and it has been sold to you

An old salesperson's trick, that, so established that it has been written into countless sales scripts: for it seems we are so societally-conditioned to accepting authority that we automatically tend to accept that to which we feel we have agreed ... be it even to seemingly unrelated questions. Even to find ourselves nodding has been found to influence our willingness to agree with other points placed into the same context.

Agreement implies understanding, without requiring it in the slightest. After all, even language insists that to agree with another implies that they have reason, il a raison. I, of course, am reasonable. If you truly understood what I am saying, of course you would agree with me! (How could you not?)

Acquiesce to the authority of a dictionary, take the definitions as basic tenets. Do the particulars of the definition even matter, when all that is felt necessary to understand a concept is to be able to recite this piece of consensual agreement? When recitation gives all that is seen to be required, what need deeper understanding?


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