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Saturday, July 09, 2005

The beehive

Comment 268 ("hans"), gleaned from a few hundred comments on Little Green Footballs about a Le Carré essay:

Good morning everybody! I have slept well and will give one last comment before I stay off here, being a "troll". I want to conclude with a metaphor which refers to the incestuous intellectual climate here. This blog is just like a bee-hive. A closed system (except for honey-gathering), the bees, all alike, nurture the young and collect honey. If something strange approaches or enters the hive, as I did, furious stinging commences, if the approacher does not look exactly the same as the bees themselves (bees, as the members of this blog, can discriminate very well between good and bad, but that's all that is to their understanding; and everything not exactly the same is automatically evil). I'd compare myself to an apiarist. Carefully looking into the hive, soldier bees emerge, stinging into the protection suit (what do bees know about curiosity? It's an enemy!). The actual thing is: I don't care about all this commonly-accepted German-bashing, deliberate narrow-mindedness (we are all still Nazis, of course, you know, anti-Semites, it's genetic; stereotypes are convenient) and personal insults, though I have a kind of scientific interest to the process of stinging, so to say (man... some bees have long spared their poison and now I give them a fantastic possibility on a silver plate, being German, against war and criticizing Bush!). I enjoyed some of your collected honey, though. But honey in too large amounts makes sick (except the bees!), and I, in contrast to the bees, can indulge in other breakfast as well. But what does a bee know about other hives, other food? The bees don't give a damn, and even if they knew it would be pointless to them, as their whole food chain is based on honey. And it's OK, but mine isn't, I prefer variation - so farewell to you all, and thank you for the discussion!

Stay in your hive and live your bee-lives, and I will "troll" somewhere else.

"Why have you come?"
"I have come to see with eyes unclouded by hate."


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