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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Procedure as an end in itself

The concept of customer service will and must continue to remain an oxymoron so long as employee power is granted only to explain an impersonal system of infinitely deferred responsibility, not to alter any part of it. Procedure has become an end in itself, its own inertial reason for existing and for ending independent of cause, a snake swallowing its own tail: with those stranded in the customer service department allowed to exist solely for the purpose of translating the relevant part of procedure to customers so as to make what cannot change acceptable to the customer, even if it cannot but remain unpalatable.

As with corporation, so with nation.

Where, here, the point of a visionary leader? Where, even, would such a one be desirable ... except, perhaps, in the image? and perhaps in the competition? and consequently in -- where necessary -- the scapegoat to be sacrificed?


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