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Thursday, December 01, 2005

GST vs. income tax

On the first day of Elexmas Stephen Harper gave to me
One percent off the GST.
Stephen Harper chooses to promise to drop the consumption tax, Paul Martin the income tax. The GST is unquestionably the more immediately overt of the two, inspiring (Harper hopes!) an instant knee-jerk positive reaction: yet work-incentive is more accurately targetted through income tax reform. The hidden message in dropping the GST? Spend more, even if you increase your debtload thereby. It is good for the economy.

We three party leaders seek
To gain your vote, whatever it take.
Blog and TV, soundbyte freebie,
Refining our technique.
O poll most heartening, poll upbeat,
Pollsters faithful and discrete,
PR spinning toward winning,
Guide us to the PM's seat.
Born to public life and champagne,
Unity my song and refrain,
One nation forever, ceasing never
(Here we go again!)


Mine the private sector side,
Market forces can't be denied,
Are you still debt-free? I'll drop the GST
(And remember: the Liberals lied.)


Guardian of public health care pro tem,
Privatisation I strongly condemn,
I can play the gallant, I can say what I want!
('Cause I'll never be the PM.)


Telephone, door-to-door, e-mail, telex,
Studying statistics complex,
Vote for me, vote for me, (please won't you vote for me?)
Remember to mark that X!



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