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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Party platforms

Just as only the four parties with current seats have been allowed to debate (and thus take full advantage of the free publicity offered by the national mass medium), the CBC -- along with most other national media outlets -- has seen fit to host on its website only those four parties' platforms, as noted below:Insofar as I am able to provide an equal-opportunity soapbox, I include the others here. Since the language I happen to be using is English, so is that of the documents I link. If you seek the French version, check out the party's website (linked in the sidebar): some have it, some don't, and some have translations in several additional languages.The Parti Populaire des Putes and the Grey Party have not fielded candidates this election; the Freedom Party has released its platform for its planned re-start in 2008. The Rhinoceros Party is probably dead but is still mourned: no other parody party has yet managed to truly fill its shoes.

A very few "major" party candidates have refused to attend invited local debates and all-candidates sessions unless the Greens were invited as well; no word yet on whether the same courtesy is to be extended to "minor" parties other than the Greens.

Perhaps predictably, the Conservative platform was immediately found not to be conservative enough by at least one conservative blogger. Perhaps another reason to explore other alternatives, and finally overhaul this archaic first-past-the-post structure?


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