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Thursday, March 09, 2006

The race is on!

Since no one seems to really want the leadership of the Liberal Party, Rick Mercer -- neck-and-neck with Don Cherry for possibly the most popular person in Canada (and between them covering most of the political spectrum) -- has taken it upon himself to list a Liberal leadership kit on E-Bay. The kit includes everything you could possibly need to become leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, including:
  • A fifteen minute consultation/conference call with the RMR writing staff to craft your campaign message. (Staff includes three high school dropouts and a U of T commerce major.)
  • The use of a colour printer for photos and such. Ink cartridge is running low on magenta.
Well, actually, that is it. With the way this leadership campaign has been shaping up, with all the not-yet-and-no-effing-way! not-candidates deliberately dropping out before the press might possibly seize upon them as possibles: that just might be enough.

In November 2000, Mercer had responded to then-Conservative leader Stockwell Day's campaign promise to call a national referendum on every issue which achieved a certain percentage of the population in signatures by initiating his own petition: for Stockwell Day to change his name to Doris Day. As Stockwell Day kept revising upward the percentage required (eventually maxing out at 3%), the number of signatures on Mercer's petition kept rising to match and exceed the required percentage. In two weeks, over a million people had signed.

At least twenty copycat and competitor listings have quickly cropped up, many trying to "beat out the Rick Mercer Candidate".

Elect your country leaders the truly democratic way ... purchase them!


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