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Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday the thirteenth

On behalf of the Council of the Corporation of Norfolk County, I extend a warm welcome to everyone attending Friday the 13th celebrations. It is an event that has grown from humble beginnings to unexpected proportions. People from across Ontario, the country, North America and the world drop in to experience the camaraderie, fellowship, and good times.
- Dennis Travale, Mayor of Norfolk County

Every Friday the 13th, winter or summer, rain or shine, bikers from all over the world congregate at the tiny village of Port Dover. This year, with near-perfect weather, their numbers may have set a world record: over 150,000 people came to this small Lake Erie port (population 3500).

Room for one moreThe residents not only don't mind, they welcome. In fact, registration is almost the inverse of the usual: visitors just show up, while there is now a specially designed resident pass to make getting around during this day just a little easier for those who call it home.

And in Ontario, this is legal! (Not common, social mores and cold and all that, but legal.)


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