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Tuesday, October 14, 2008


There are times I make predictions blithely, testing my own understanding of trends by setting down their derivations in stone, by way of seeking better insight as a result of their accuracy or wild deviance. I have even been known to ask the questions that are right out there, simply to see the reaction ... and occasionally to seed awareness of the possibility.

With this election, I hesitate to predict. The times are uneasy enough, the polls close enough, the candidates each determined enough that irresponsible prediction here could well have a causative effect large enough to tip the balance.

I know that won't stop countless newspapers and radio and television stations and blogs from speculating, and even deliberately attempting to shift results through their speculating. I know Stephen Harper himself decided to step in to stem the slow leak of Conservative numbers by predicting a Liberal victory. I simply choose not to be among their number.


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