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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Game changers

Tonight, the National profiled "some of Canada's interesting, influential, innovative, and entrepreneurial young people". Most of them were true innovators in their fields: a rapper changing what it means to be a rapper, a fresh food fast food entrepreneur, a former snowboarder who has invented an inflatable safety device he hopes will allow others to test the limits of snowboarding without becoming a quadraplegic as he did. Others who did not make the on-air cut are profiled on the website.

One, however, caught my eye.

Jessica Yee, who describes herself as a "multi-racial indigenous feminist hip-hop reproductive rights freedom fighter", has also shown herself an adept multitasker by conducting an interview at the same time as coordinating a protest gathering. Yet when asked what would be her desired final achievement, the kind where she could consider her work complete: she said she could never consider it complete, that she planned to keep right on going.

What are we to make of a professional protester who has no final goal and whom nothing can satisfy?


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