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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

"A vote for the Liberal party is a vote for Ignatieff"

The current election campaign may deal with party principles and priorities: but in every real way, these exchanges are as personal as it gets.

The positives are all about the party values. The negatives are all about the party leaders -- and every one of them is running scared. It does not even matter which one of them actually becomes prime minister. In this election, even having the highest number of seats may not be enough.
  • If Stephen Harper cannot win a majority --
  • If Gilles Duceppe cannot win Qu├ębec back from the Conservatives --
  • If Michael Ignatieff cannot win at least a minority --
  • If Jack Layton cannot win enough seats to be the sole balance of power in a minority government --
  • If Elizabeth May cannot get a Green elected into Parliament, or at the very least boost the Greens into double digit territory --
This election may not offer any significant change -- and maybe, in this economic climate, no party really can. Yet the change that cannot happen now is certain in the next election. No matter who wins, at least three party leaders will lose: permanently.


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