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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tough on crime?

Thirty-six bills died when the Conservatives prorogued Parliament in 2009, for reasons which had nothing to do with a coalition. (That one was the previous year.) Among them were:
  • C-6 (regulation of potentially dangerous consumer products)
  • C-15 (harsher sentences for drug traffickers)
  • C-26 (adds car theft to the Criminal Code)
  • C-27 (limits spam which can be sent by companies)
  • C-34 (strengthens the National Sex Registry)
  • C-35 (allows victims of terrorism to sue)
  • C-36 (eliminates faint hope parole clause)
  • C-42 (eliminates conditional sentences for serious crimes)
  • C-43 (increases role of victims in parole hearings)
  • C-54 (ends sentence discounts for multiple murders)m and
  • C-20 (raises liability cap in case of a nuclear accident)
Steven Fletcher, the minister responsible for democratic reform, intends to re-introduce C-40 (which would expand advance polls), saying that "I think it makes democracy stronger when people have more opportunity to vote," so it is important to provide more options for people to vote in advance. He is very clear that C-40 died for the second time when the election was called. What is never mentioned is that C-40 was also among the bills which died during the 2009 proroguing of Parliament.

But don't take my word for it. Look it up for yourselves.


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